Wholesale & Distribution

Wholesale & Distribution

At Barista Sista, we love good coffee! That’s why we carefully roast only the finest coffee onsite with love. We offer 13 different delicious varieties that can be ordered freshly roasted.

Create Your Own Custom Blend

All of our coffee varieties are available for wholesale, so you can provide our specialty beans in your café, cellar door, restaurant or shop. Alternatively, we know that every cafe is unique. This is why we love to create custom blends for cafes we supply, so that we can find the right balance of beans to suit your customers. This also helps your business, as your customer's keep coming back for your special blend.

Our coffee varieties include:

Single Origins

  • Colombia – Supremo high grown classic coffee. Mildly fruity with chocolate and malt to finish. Medium to full body. Profile: ¾ roast. Origin: South America.
  • Ethiopia – Light in body with complex floral and citrus tones. Great filter coffee (V60) or cold drip. Profile: light roast. Origin: Africa
  • Guatemala – A rich sweet aroma and fine acidity with a full velvety body. Chocolate and berry overtones. This makes a sweet pleasing espresso. Profile: dark roast. Origin: Central America.
  • Decaf Peru – Organically grown premium beans with the caffeine extracted using the Swiss water based process. A full flavoured coffee experience with a medium body. Profile: dark. Roast origin: South America.
  • Papua New Guinea – A smooth body with fruity notes upfront and a nutty finish. Profile: ¾ roast. Origin: Indonesia/Asia.
  • Costa Rica – Well rounded with dark chocolate and lime notes through to a sweet toffee finish. Profile: ¾ roast. Origin: Central America.
  • Mexico – A sweet coffee with chocolate and toffee highlights and a juicy body followed by lingering stone fruit acidity in the finish. Impressive as an espresso. Profile: ¾ roast. Origin: Central America.
  • Brazil – With a nutty aroma this sweet flavoured coffee makes a delightful espresso. Profile: ¾ roast. Origin: South America.
  • Dark Colombian – Rich, dark and smokey with a delicate acidity this coffee is for the Italian style espresso lovers. Profile: dark roast. Origin: South America.


  • Barista Sista House Blend – AUS/NZ Golden Bean 2019 Bronze Winner – A well balanced coffee. Medium in body with slight caramel, nutty overtones and a mild finish. Profile: ¾ roast. Origin: South America, Indonesia/Asia.
  • Milano – A complex blend, well balanced with caramel and berry highlights, and is medium to full bodied. Profile: ¾ roast. Origin: South America, Indonesia/Asia, Central America.
  • Deutschland – Sweetly aromatic with a smooth taste. Medium to full bodied. Profile: ¾ roast. Origin: Africa, Central America.
  • Sunday Roast – A full flavoured coffee with sweet dark chocolate notes and a fruity finish. Medium to full bodied. Profile: ¾ roast. Origin: South America, Central America.

Fresh Beans, Roasted Weekly

We roast on a weekly basis and can provide beans delivered to your door every week or as required. Delivery fees will be calculated based on location and local pickup is available if you are located in the Barossa Valley.

We have no minimum order requirement, as we know when trying a new bean supplier, sometimes you want a small amount to get started.

We know reliability is important so you can set up a weekly standing order based on your coffee needs, which can be modified as needed.

If you are interested in offering specialty coffee to help grow your business, please get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss options and collaborate with your business. Please fill in the Enquiry Form on our contact page or email us at baristasista@internode.on.net